Robert Hood- Paradygm Shift

Robert Hood

Paradygm Shift

Robert HoodParadygm Shift

In the 23 years that he’s been releasing music, Robert Hood’s output is truly remarkable. Though it’s only been four years since his last full-length, the Detroit minimal techno forefather has nonetheless put out seven 12-inch singles and three EPs in the meantime.

His latest LP, Paradygm Shift, which collects some of the aforementioned material, is impressive in that Hood still manages to sound fresh and inventive. Returning to the sleek, hypnotic beats that defined his early work, Hood bridges the gap between the skeletal feel of early techno and the thick production style of modern electronic music. Over nine tracks and 52 minutes, Paradygm Shift finds Hood in an inventive mood, giving each track a distinct personality while giving a nod to techno’s splintered genres. “Idea” works off of a restrained minimal funk beat, while “I Am” and “Solid Thought” blend into each other with a thumping house beat and busy BPMs, while “Pattern 8” adds industrial and noise elements into his techno sound.

Although Hood’s not reinventing the wheel on Paradygm Shift, he is attempting to reinvent his wheelhouse, keeping things interesting both for himself and for listeners. (Dekmantel)


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