Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy- The Letting Go | Exclaim! | February 2007

Favourite Folk/Country Album

3. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

The Letting Go (Drag City)
“On The Letting Go, Will Oldham reminds us that he is a preacher, a sinner, a lover and a loner… and we don’t question it. That’s the brilliance of “the guy from Palace.” Daniel Sylvester, Ottawa ON


Hot Chip- The Warning | Exclaim! | February 2007

Favourite Electronic Album

2. Hot Chip

The Warning (EMI)
“The Warning defies all logic. An album that is perceived as a by-the-numbers bedroom pop album begins to expose complex and multipart layers with each listen until you appreciate that Hot Chip have fashioned the luminous ass-shaker masterpiece that the Beta Band and Grandaddy died trying.” Daniel Sylvester, Ottawa ON

Sunn 0)))- Black One | Exclaim! | February 2006

Favourite Metal & Hardcore Album of the Year
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Metal & Hardcore
Readers Poll Results 2005

2. SunnO)))
Black One (Southern Lord)
“This album represents the original spirit of metal more than anything you will find on the Ozzfest tour or on MuchLoud. Once upon a time, Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer were also viewed as unlistenable garbage.” Daniel Sylvester, Windsor ON

M.I.A.- Arular | Exclaim! | February 2006

Favourite Funk, Soul & Outernational Vibes Album of the Year
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Funk, Soul & Outernational Vibes
Readers Poll Results 2005
Arular (XL)
“M.I.A. was the zeitgeist of the Pitchfork generation, an album that made dorky male white critics weaned on guitar-based indie rock feel less dorky, white and male. But if this album was all romantic story and no substance, it would have been long forgotten by now, stored away in computer recycle bins next to Plastic Constellations and Camera Obscura MP3s.” Daniel Sylvester, Windsor ON

LCD Soundsystem- LCD Soundsystem | Exclaim! | February 2006

Favourite Electronic Album of the Year
Readers Poll Results 2005
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Readers Poll Results 2005
LCD Soundsystem
LCD Soundsystem (DFA)
“James Murphy is the Sidney Crosby of electronic indie rock, overachieving for the last few years without a major league deal. LCD Soundsystem is one of the best debut albums of the past five years. The crappiest psychic in the world saw this one coming.” Daniel Sylvester, Windsor ON


Black Dice- Broken Ear Record | Exclaim! | February 2006

Favourite Avant-Garde & Experimental Album of the Year
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Experimental & Avant-Garde
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4. Black Dice
Broken Ear Record (DFA)
“Broken Ear Record severs the relationship between the experimental music listener and their headphones, and introduces them to the dance floor for some much needed exercise and gives the dance music fan something to come down to.” Daniel Sylvester, Windsor ON